Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

UNBLOCKED GAMES: Please note that this website does not promote playing unblocked games during class or at times you should not. We also do not support playing games that are blocked in your country or region. This is called unblocked games, but we do not recommend breaking the rules.

SHARING PASSWORDS: If we find that you shared the password to anyone, you and the persons who have the password will be permanently banned from here.

COMMENTING: Please note that this is a family friendly website. If we find that you say something offensive, sexist, racist, or anything objectifying any religion, group or practice: 1st offense: We will ban you from commenting or replying to anything. 2nd offense: We will ban you from posting anything or playing unblocked games. 3rd offense: We will ban you from this website.

FINAL NOTE: Make sure you comply with all of these rules to ensure that this website and community stays great.